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Guada Psychological | Therapist & Counseling Multilingual Web Design in Schaumburg IL Featured

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Guada Psychological | Therapist & Counseling Multilingual Website Designer in Schaumburg IL  Website Design Client:  Guada Psychological Services

Location:  Schaumburg, IL 60196


The team at Guada Psychological Services needed a new website design that looked professional to promote their mental health services provided in Schaumburg, IL. Therefore, they sought a local web designer near Schaumburg, IL to assist them in redeveloping their website.  As a local mental health service provider, Guada needed an ADA Compliant website that was not only accessible to website visitors with disabilities, but also accessible to Spanish speaking visitors.  Therefore, they needed a language switcher component, so that Spanish speaking website visitors could toggle languages.     

As part of the project, we learned of Doctor Guada's needs for her new website, whose sole purpose would be to promote her doctoral-level clinical psychologists (PsyD), licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPC), and licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) services provided in Schaumburg, IL.  We discussed the SEO content that they wanted to develop.  AdverGroup then authored all the "Search Optimized" text content and produced custom graphics for their new mental health services website.  Beyond developing a new website design for this local psychological service, we also redeveloped their organization logo.  We took their old pixellated logo and recreated it in vector format.  Additionally, we provided "on-site" professional photography in which we captured photos of Guada Psychological Services staff members, so that they could be displayed on the new website.

Deliverables for this Psychological Services Website Design Project:

  • Logo Recreation for Mental Health Doctor in SchaumburgLogo Creation: Recreation of the company logo for use on the new website design.
  • Content Creation: Website included creation all text content for this mental health website, also coded to include proper metadata for search engine optimization.
  • Video Header with Custom Web Design. 
  • Image Procurement & Image Licensing:  AdverGroup licensed images and created custom graphics for use on the new website.
  • Language Translation:  We authored all preliminary text content for this client, which they revised as needed. Once all "English" text was approved by the client, we then translated all the content so it would work with the Language switcher component.
  • Language Switching ComponentLanguage Switcher Component: for Multilingual website design that offers English and Spanish options as desired for this client. This component allows the web administrator to set associations and relationships among website articles, menus and modules.
  • Custom Graphic Design. Designed and developed custom graphics for use as header images and supporting graphics on website. We also assisted in formatting PDF designs of company brochures and 3D brochure icons to identify and provide links to PDF downloads on website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  We coded all metadata on their homepage and webpages, we also produced Search Optimized Blog Content and SEO Blog Configuration plus SEO Optimized Content Creation for mental health services blog.
  • Creation of custom website Favicon.
  • Included configuration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
We also included on-site photography to capture fresh new photos of Guada's staff. The photoshoot resulted in images of staff which were used on the new website.

Guada Mental Health Website Design and Photography

Click here to view all individual staff images captured by AdverGroup on the new "Guada" website.

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