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Wednesday, 09 December 2020 00:43

Shopify eCommerce Web Development in Palatine for Local Entrepreneur Featured

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Shopify eCommerce Website Development sample

Web Design Client:  Goodies Around the Globe LLC

Location:  Palatine, IL 60067 & 60074

Website URL:

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After tasting some unique snacks from various parts of the world, a young entrepreneur had the idea to develop an ecommerce store where customers could purchase a random box of goodies featuring yummy snacks from various countries. The idea of offering snacks that often possess unique ethnic flavors tweaked the interest of many whom heard of his idea. So he embarked on creating his new business which required an ecommerce website.

This young business owner had many ideas of how he could sell his products grouped in various random packages and/or individually. With so many products he was not certain how to adequately exhibit his ecommerce items.  Nor was he sure where to even begin. 

Being located in Palatine, IL and local to our area, this client had seen some AdverGroup Web Design's posts on social media and was aware that we possessed experience with Shopify ecommerce web development, and also with search engine optimization (SEO), which he knew was also an important facet to running a successful online store. This perspective client was also happy to see that AdverGroup also offered product photography which seemed like another service he would require for his new eCommerce website.  So he picked up the phone and scheduled to meet (since we were so close to Palatine).

We discovered this clients objectives first being the successful development of an ecommerce store. Therefore, we recommended using Shopify as his ecommerce platform. We recommended Shopify because we always select the web design platform based on the clients objectives. Due to this clients international audience we felt that Shopify offered the best solution. 

After our conversations with the client, he felt that our team had a firm grasp on what was needed to make his project a success. Furthermore, he loved the way we thoroughly explained the process and demonstrated the suggested "Shopify eCommerce" platform.

PRODUCT FILTERThis Shopify eCommerce Website Development included:

  • Custom eCommerce Website Development using the Shopify eCommerce Platform
  • SEO Optimized Blog for ensuring the client would be relevant in search engines
  • Project Included creation of client logo into vectorized image.
  • Custom Shopify Theme with Image Gallery Component to display client images.
  • Installation of Product Filter using Shopify Tags which assist clients customers in navigating through the stores products (See Image to the right).
  • Custom text copy rewrite of text content for blog articles, webpages, and website policies.
  • Configured clients Shopify Payment Options and Shipping Settings.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Consulting and Text content authored by AdverGroup, included Intelligently titled pages using key words and phrases in efforts conquer search engine result pages for social media influencer.
  • Authored Policy Pages for Shopify Ecommerce Website Design and Development
  • Authored Metadata per Google Guidelines.
  • Optimized website to minimize load time which is recommended by Google for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Custom Favicon: A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, associated with a particular website or website.
  • Youtube Embedded Video Content on Shopify allowing the client to display his video content within the product image location.
  • Professional Consultation and training specific to the Shopify eCommerce Dashboard and Apps.
  • Professional Consultation and training specific to Social Media Posting as it relates to Search Engine Optimization. 
  • Set-up and configuration of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Professional Consultation and training specific to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Professional product photography image capture for use in ecommerce website to help exhibit his products in a professional manner. VIEW GALLERY BELOW

Contact AdverGroup Web Design today for assistance in developing your Shopify eCommerce Website.

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