AdverGroup Web Design and Creative Media Solutions is a local Website Development and Search Engine Optimization Company that is based in the northern suburbs of Chicago.   Since 2007,  AdverGroup has focused on conquering Search Engines and maintains in-depth knowledge and experience relative to SEO.   

Let our experienced eyes review your website. Upon the completion of our Website Analysis and SEO Audit,  we will provide a report documenting our findings. Our report will also provide recommendations on that could be taken to enjoy better placement on search engine results pages.

As a web professional web developer, we have the technical experience to resolve any technical issues which are revealed within the audit of your website.  it does not matter what platform you are driving. Think of us as a mechanic that can fix any car (or website software). As a professional SEO company and search engine optimizer, we can help you devise a "Total SEO strategy" and assist with implementation of the strategy and/or coach you through implementation of our recommendations. Whether it encompass fixing home base (your website) or performing Social Media tasks relative to social media marketing campaigns, we can do it all.

What is included in this FREE website analysis and SEO Audit?

1. In-Depth Review of your website content:  This includes taking inventory of your assets that are visible to your front end users. These assets include text content (articles/webpages/Blogs), graphical content, website components that provide special function ability (plugins/widgets/modules/etc). This portion of the website audit analyzes your contents metadata, and considers if the data is intelligently authored and in harmony with page content.

2. In-Depth Review of your website software:   This includes reviewing coding issues that may impact your website's performance. We will review your site source code (visible to your front end users).  We will check if your sites template or theme design to make sure it is responsive to varying mobile devices as Google is sensitive to Usability Issues .   We will test your websites page speed and make suggestions on how to make pages faster.

3. In-Depth Review of your Brand or Websites Online Presence:   This includes reviewing your social media profiles and activity on various platforms and also includes reviewing any visible reviews of your company, or products performance.

4.   The Website SEO Audit will result in a detailed analysis report:  This report will convey our findings by providing an inventory of your site and basic recommendations for resolving issues.   It may also result in additional comments for moving forward with creating a stronger online presence to become more visible by your target audience.