specializes in the development of ADA Compliant websites. Having done this before, we are aware of all the resources, guidleines and requirements set forth by the Federal American Disability Act.

Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites to People with Disabilities

With the rapid changes in the Internet and in assistive technologies used by people with disabilities to access computers, private and government organizations have worked to establish flexible guidelines for accessible web pages that permit innovation to continue.

ADA Compliant Design: Accesibility requirements for State & Local Government Websites must be designed using Section 508 Standards including Develop a Voluntary Action Plan for Accessible Website. As part of your website development, AdverGroup will develop this Voluntary Action Plan.

A Voluntary Action Plan will include items such as these:

  • Establish a policy that your web pages will be accessible
  • Ensure that all new and modified web pages and content are accessible
  • Develop a plan for making your existing web content more accessible
  • Ensure that in-house staff and contractors responsible for web page and content development are properly trained
  • Provide a way for visitors to request accessible information or services by posting a telephone number or E-mail address on your home page
  • Develop a Plan to Periodically test your site by enlisting disability groups to test your pages for ease of use

Here a some general rules of thumb that we will implement in the design of your ADA Compliant Website

  • When navigation links are used, people who use a screen reader must listen to all the links before proceeding. A skip navigation link provides a way to bypass the row of navigation links by jumping to the start of the web page content.
  • All images and graphics need to have an alt tag or long description.
  • Use alt tags for image maps and for graphics associated with the image map so that a person using a screen reader will have access to the links and information.
  • Some photos and images contain content that cannot be described with the limited text of an alt tag. Using a long description tag provides a way to have as much text as necessary to explain the image so it is accessible to a person using a screen reader but not visible on the web page.
  • Text links do not require any additional information or description if the text clearly indicates what the link is supposed to do. Links such as “click here” may confuse a user.
  • When tables with header and row identifiers are used to display information or data, the header and row information should be associated with each data cell by using HTML so a person using a screen reader can understand the information.
  • A link with contact information provides a way for users to request accessible services or to make suggestions.

As you can see there are many facets and details relevant to developing ADA Compliant Websites. Proceeding with a web development project with AdverGroup ensures your agency or organization will  achieve compliance and understand how to maintain an ADA Compliant Website. Contact us to discuss the details surrounding your needs.

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