Each website we build is unique, but the structure of the development process remains the same. Throughout the process you're able view the progress as updates are made to your website in real-time. The timeline of your project depends on the complexity of your website, whether it is design for eCommerce or a basic informational website.

Developing your website is a team effort and you're part of the team!

AdverGroup’s Project Management Tool makes it easy to communicate with the AdverGroup development team, ensuring that your Website is developed to your satisfaction! Be ready to provide, comment and give your web designers what they need. Believe us when we say, it'll make the whole project a much smoother process and will enable your developers to complete your project within the timeline they have provided.

Directly through the use of the www.advergroup.com websiteour Project Management Tool provides the following features:

  • Project Profile: Provides for project details such as project description, milestones and timelines:
  • Project Users: Provides ability to assign various team members to the project manager.
  • File upload: Provides clients the ability to submit files such as documents and graphics that are to be used in the web development process.
  • Project Calendar: Documents all milestones, correspondence, tasks and discussions on a handy calendar!
  • Project Tasks: Whose court is the ball in? Our Task Manager feature allows the development team to assign tasks to one another. This is a great way to ensure that all request by the client and developers are handled in a time effective manner.
  • Forum & Discussions: Allows your development team to create discussions and document correspondence and progress relevant to development of your site.
  • Time tracking: This tool is very useful once your project switches from development to maintenance. FREE Maintenance is extended 30 days beyond the launch of your site. After that an Extended Maintenance agreement can be entered. Time tracking makes it easy to document how much time is spent on Maintenance or Extra Work tasks assigned by the client.
  • And much more!

Client Video Tutorials
Once you become a client of AdverGroup, your Project Manager Credentials will also provide access to the AdverGroup Client Tutorial Section! These awesome “webmaster video tutorial section” provides training that is available 24/7 365 days of the year! The beauty of a website that is developed in a CMS, is that individuals with little or zero experience in web design will have the ability to update and maintain your website using the admin section of you website.

Our Streaming Video Tutorials provide client training of the following:

  • AdverGroup.com Project Management Tool
  • Content Management Tools | the basics of editing articles, menus, images & more
  • Content Management Tools | extentions, plugins & modules
  • Content Management Tools | Streaming media
  • Social Networking Website – CMS Admin Training
  • E-commerce CMS tools
  • E-commerce Data Sheet Management
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO | Basics & implementation
  • Excel Spreadsheet training as it pertains to E-commerce Inventory
  • And much more!!!!!

Web Design from Concept to Completion: While some web design clients know exactly what they want and/or need, others know they need a website but are not aware of all that is required in “thinking ahead” or planning. You would not begin to build a home with out a blueprint would you? AdverGroup realizes that many of our clients are busy doing what they do best, their business! Therefore we will ensure that a clear blueprint has been established in regards to what the client needs and desires.

  • Analyze: Every business is different and we approach each job differently. Analyzing your needs is a must. We take time to talk with you, understand your goals, and begin planning to make them happen.
  • Strategize: We'll work with you to build a strategy that takes the best your company has to offer and combines it with professional website marketing tool. You know your business and we know web design. It's the perfect strategy.
  • Design: Once the design process begins, you may be involved as much or as little as you would like. We may begin with something as simple as a logo, if one is needed. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to approve a full site design. Modifications can be made at any point in the process. Our goal is your satisfaction.
  • Develop: With strong strategies in place, and an approved design, we're now ready to start the development phase. During this phase all of the programming is written and online stores are setup. Now, content can be added to your pages and products to your store.
  • Test: Your completed website is now ready for testing. Our technicians are looking for any potential problems which may keep your site from functioning to its maximum potential.
  • Implement: Once everything has been approved, your website is ready to be launched! Everything is now ready to go, tested and running perfectly. Invite us to your launching party, we'll bring the food!


Again, designing your website is a team effort and you're part of the team! Your inclusion in every step of the process will ultimately result in you gaining a better understanding of you sites content and administrator tools.

The most common delay for a website development project is the client not being to provide content in a timely manner. Be sure you have the following information ready for your developer:

  • Logo:  If you already have a logo and would like to maintain your branding, be ready to provide your logo to your designers. Preferably your logo should be in a high resolution format such as .ai, .eps, or .psd.
  • Content: This is the big one! Remember, you know your business better than the development company, and unless you've included copy write in your Web Design Project then you'll need to put together text for your sites content. Content such as: about us page, policies and any other content you would like on your site. Content is very important in regards to Search Engine Optimization. Therefore your content should be developed in a way that hits all you industry buzz words in a context that is most likely to be queried in a Search Engine. Involving copy write in your website development agreement often benefits clients, because AdverGroup’s in-depth SEO experience ensures that your sites content is optimized to be found in search engines organically, while using “White Hat SEO techniques” that promote longevity in your search engine standings!
  • Example Websites:  Examples of websites that you like (for one reason or another) are always helpful. This will allow your designers and programmers to look at various elements of the website and figure out what blows you away. In the end your site should be unique, but it helps to know what you're a fan of.
  • Managing Content: Be sure to take advantage of the “AdverGroup Web Development Video Tutorials” which will assist you in understanding how easy these CMS tools are to use! Updating your website is easy and (when done frequently) also promotes visibility in Search Engines. As client of AdverGroup you will enjoy the CMS Training and Consultation that is included in the development of your project. Learn these tools, as it will only benefit you as a web site owner. A coach who knows how to play the game is always a better coach!
  • Feedback: Be ready to make suggestions and give input. You know what you want! At the same time, you're hiring a professional, so allow them to give their professional input as well.

Planning Your New eCommerce Website
As your begin to think about developing a new eCommerce website there are certain aspects you need to take into consideration. Whether this be what your web design team needs to be or what you're responsible for, both are equally important. Below is a brief outline that'll help you keep your project in perspective and ensure a quality website.

  • Product Database (eCommerce only): If you're developing an eCommerce website be sure you have a database of your products. If not, either you or your web design company will be responsible for entering your product information in by hand. Be sure to determine who will be completing this task. Remember, ALL eCommerce websites should have an administration that allows the client to easily enter products without knowing HTML or having knowledge of developing websites.