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Website Design, Product Photography and Video Commercial Production in Broadview: Artistic Engraving Featured

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Corporate Website Design and Product Photography for Artistic Engraving in Broadview IL 60155

Web Design Client:  Custom Engraving

Location:  Broadview, IL 60155

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Artistic Engraving offers custom engraving on various products and materials. It was time for them to redevelop their outdated website and make sure their new website was as cutting edge as the services which they provide.  Artistic Engraving is owned and managed by a retired Chicago Police Officer and his daughter.  Together they searched Google for the best local web design company to help them produce a new website and achieve new product photography images of their products and services.  When they reconvened to discuss their search findings, they both had AdverGroup listed at the top of their list.

Like any good business owner, the team at Artistic Engraving performed due diligence and met with multiple local web designers and also obtained various proposals. When it was time to decide on the who would be their new web designer, the choice was clear: AdverGroup.  They decided on AdverGroup because we offer the total package.  Whereas many other web designers did not offer product photography and their proposals were still higher than the AdverGroup website proposal. Artistic Engraving even decided to execute additional recommended items which included a complete video commercial produced by AdverGroup with professional voiceover.

Professional Video Production included with Corporate Website Design:

We always include recommended services along with all of our website design proposals.  We always say that text content on websites is typically targeted to search engines. Whereas, video engages your website's human visitors.    Plus a slick video like this will also be useful for sharing on social media. In any case, a professional video commercial will legitimize your businesses services and products in the eyes of your potential customers.  The video which we produced for Artistic Engraving does a great job of exhibiting the custom engraving services that they provide.

Professional Product Photography included with Website Redevelopment:

Professional product photography which included on-site and off-site image capture for use in corporate website design to help exhibit this client's products and engraving services in a professional manner.  

Corporate Website redevelopment included:

  • Custom Company Website Redevelopment using the Joomla CMS Platform
  • SEO Optimized Blog for ensuring the client would be relevant in search engines when searching for clients products and services.
  • Project Included recreation of client logo into vectorized image.
  • Custom Web Design Template with Image Gallery Component to display client images.
  • Custom text copy rewrite of text content for blog articles and webpages.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Consulting and Text content authored by AdverGroup, included Intelligently titled pages using key words and phrases in efforts conquer search engine result pages for social media influencer.
  • Authored and submitted Metadata to Google Search using Google Webmaster Tools per Google Guidelines.
  • Optimized website to minimize load time which is recommended by Google for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Custom Favicon: A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, associated with a particular website or website.
  • Set-up and configuration of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Professional Consultation and training specific to Joomla CMS Dashboard, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Contact AdverGroup Web Design today for assistance in developing your Corporate Website Design and/or redevelopment project.  We are the best web designer for corporate website design projects because we also include professional product photography. 

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