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Shopify eCommerce Website Design with Product Photography in Highland Park for "Bathing Beauty" Featured

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Recent Shopify eCommerce Website Design for Bathing Beauty Products in Highland Park and Chicago

Web Design Client:  The Bathing Beauty Products

Location:  Highland Park, IL 60035


This Highland Park based client sought to develop an Shopify eCommerce website where she could sell her beauty products.  This gal knew she wanted an online store, but did not know where to begin. While searching Google for a local eCommerce web designer near Highland Park and Chicago, IL she came across AdverGroup.  Within our brief initial phone call, I explained that we would be the perfect fit for this new business owner, because we also train our clients how to use the tools which we implement in all of our website projects.  Beyond training on her website platform we also include coaching on content development and implementing effective social activities that would help her new business on the road to becoming relevant in search engines. 

Custom Logo Creation Included with Bathing Beauty Product Shopify Website Design and Development.Deliverables for this eCommerce Website for Beauty Products Website in Highland Park, IL

  • Logo creation required for this Shopify beauty website design project.  The beauty product store was brand new and did not have a logo. Therefore we created a custom logo in high resolution format so we could reformat and reshape the logo as needed.
  • Custom Shopify eCommerce Theme Design using the Shopify eCommerce Platform.  When designing websites for clients we do not dictate which platform is selected. We evaluate the clients objectives and provide recommendations.  Knowing the client had goals to make purchasing beauty products easy for customers, we knew Shopify should be considered. We then examined all the other needs of the project and determined that we were able to deliver all that was required by the projects objectives using Shopify eCommerce.
  • Creation of Client's eCommerce Product Feed .This client had no pre-existing eCommerce website.  All that was provided to us was a few products. We also coached this new client into expanding her inventory.   We took the minimal information that was provided to us and created a master product feed that possessed all the field headings for data tables as required to formulate a "product feed" that could be imported into the Shopify eCommerce Platform. 
  • Professional Product Photography of Beauty Products (See image gallery below of product photography captured by AdverGroup)

Other Items included in this eCommerce Website Design Project:

  • Content Creation: Website included service page content creation. Meaning that AdverGroup wrote all eCommerce policy text for this online beauty supply website design project.  We coded all webpage articles to include proper metadata for search engine optimization beauty products.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Shopify eCommerce Website:  We coded all metadata on their homepage and webpages, we also produced Search Optimized Blog Content and SEO Blog Configuration plus SEO Optimized Content Creation for this beauty product online store.
  • Included configuration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Creation of custom website Favicon.

We develop and deliver specialized custom eCommerce websites using the Shopify eCommerce platform.   We help eCommerce stores achieve unique functionality required by their specific industry or product types. Beyond being being a beauty product eCommerce web design expert, we are also experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Beauty Industry  eCommerce websites.  We offer complete packages that include work flow and inventory management training that helps our eCommerce website design clients keep their Shopify websites active and prominent on search engine result pages. 

Contact AdverGroup today for assistance in achieving a professional eCommerce website design, similar to what we delivered for this local Highland Park, IL  based local beauty product store.

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