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Joomla 4 Basic Training: Learn How to Create Articles with SEO in mind!

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Learn the Joomla 4 Web Platform Update Articles, Modules for Contractor Website Project Portfolio

This video tutorial demonstrates how to edit, create and/or duplicate Joomla articles and modules using the Joomla 4 content management system.

Joomla is a robust website platform which provides endless expandability by using components, plugins and modules. There are plenty of SEO plugins for Joomla that can help you navigate search engine optimization. However, the most important thing about SEO is implementing basic best management practices and also having a strategy.  By "basic" best management practices,  I mean simply enter a Meta-Title and Meta-Description on all articles.  Don't just enter text to fill in the blanks, put text in these areas that may be words your potential customers would enter into a search engine. The strategy that I found to be successful is simply expanding my website to include intelligently titled articles which targets search engine users that enter in specific keywords and phrases. During this tutorial I will show you where to enter this critical meta title and description using the Joomla article editor.

Edit, Create & Duplicate Articles with SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions using Joomla 4

Keeping your website is a great strategy for website owners that wish to appear relevant to search engines. Keeping your website growing is easy for contractors that wish to exhibit their recent projects.  Watch the video to learn more about creating and duplicating  Joomla articles (web pages) which will help you implement this search engine optimization strategy. 

 If you are seeking a Joomla 4 website design expert to assist  you with SEO on your Joomla 4 website, contact us for a free consultation. Even if you are not near Chicago, we can assist you from afar.  After a brief phone conversation and consultation with one of our Joomla experts, we are confident that you will discover how deploying a professional Joomla website developer can help you take leaps and bounds to realize the true capabilities of Joomla 4. 

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